Tours to India



  "Who is India and what is her claim? Where does she hide and when does she come alive? A mere country cannot assume the bewitching charms which adorn her tender frame. Who is she? Sit by the ruins, and the inscriptions in caves, and discover where she hides. Listen to the village folklorists, to the waters of the perennial rivers and the echoes from mountains that have stood the test of time. Discover a love story carved out of marble. Discover a state of mind like no other, under the shade of a banyan tree, Discover India"  



Heroes and demons, saints and saviours, ascetics and seekers, with one foot swathed in ancient traditions and the other striding the e-age few countries embrace diversity as passionately as India.




The country is almost like a continent, from North to South, East to West the people, customs, language, dress, religion, history, landscape, food and culture are as diverse as they are fascinating. India's mind boggling diversity leaves a lasting memory that tantalizes the traveler to come again and again. With a heady mix of the sacred, materialistic and profane, the country is as vast as it is crowded and as luxurious as squalid, it is the one place to expect the unexpected. Wherever you travel in India from Himalayan gompas to the beaches of Goa, you are likely to encounter some kind of festival or celebration. Also, blessed with one of the world's richest natural heritage, India is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife. However today she is struggling for existence as the forests are being steadily cleared for commercial purposes.




So whether it be a quick business trip, a memorable honeymoon or maybe you just want to spend your holidays in India - Ambassador Holidays will be the perfect fit for all your travel needs.



Glossary: dhanyawaad means Thank You in the Hindi language